Biofinity XR Toric 6pk

($154.00 / Box)

XR (Extended Range) for high value astigmatism prescriptions. These lenses are 6 per box. They are custom made and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive. 

Maximum Replacement: Monthly


  • Base Curve:  8.7
  • Diameter: 14.5
  • Power Range:




+20.00D to -20.00D

(0.50 steps over 6.00D)

-2.75 to -5.75

(0.50 steps)

50 steps

+8.50 to +20.00D 

-10.50 to -20.00D

(0.50 steps)

-0.75 to -2.25

(0.50 steps)

50 steps


Lens Type

  • Monthly Disposables
R. Eye
L. Eye

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CooperVision Biofinity XR Toric 6pk